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How To Choose The Right VoIP Headsets for Noisy Call Centers and Offices

Headset Happiness

Sennheiser understands that comfort and sound quality are key elements for headset happiness. Whether it’s the single-ear (monaural) or dual-ear (binaural) headsets, the wearer is assured of a perfect fit from adjustable ear cups and all day comfort from ultra lightweight designs and generous padding where it’s needed.

Sennheiser VoIP headsets are offered in over-the-ear or over-the-head models that feature wideband voice, HD audio, noise cancelling microphones, and eardrums will appreciate ActiveGard technology for acoustic burst protection.

Wireless Features

In addition to the features above, Sennheiser Wireless VoIP Headsets feature long battery life and ultra-fast charging, PC connection via USB, and a wireless range of over 500 feet that works through walls and ceilings.

“Sennheiser VoIP headsets are perfect for call centers and those noisy offices with open floor plans,” said Garrett Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at VoIP Supply. “Sennheiser’s top quality noise-reduction, HD audio, and comfortable designs do their part to help cushion the wearer from their environment.”

How to select a Sennheiser Telephone Headset Solution


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