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Microsoft Security Essentials Review – Do yourself a favor and skip it

I found this interesting, but it’s not like I didn’t already know that Microsoft Security Essentials is complete junk. For a free antivirus application, do yourself a favor and get Avast.

It’s hard for a security program to be considered essential when it can’t win independent antivirus certifications. The Verge reports that Microsoft’s (MSFT) Security Essentials anti-virus software has failed the latest certification test from the AV-TEST institute, as it “failed to adequately protect against 0-day malware attacks, scoring an average of 71 percent vs. the industry average of 92 percent.” Microsoft isn’t taking this lying down, however, and the company is directly challenging the AV-TEST results by saying that it can be “difficult for independent anti-malware testing organizations to devise tests that are consistent with the real-world conditions.” Microsoft says it has conducted its own “rigorous review of the results” and has found that Security Essentials holds up well compared to the industry average.

via Microsoft Security Essentials: Antivirus test failure | BGR.

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