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OS X Mountain Lion Is On The Loose: Read The Review

Here is an excellent review over at the unofficial Apple weblog. For those of you that don’t know I have been using OSX Mountain Lion for the past three weeks and have found it to be an excellent upgrade and definitely worthy of your $20. By far my favorite feature has to be voice dictation built in everywhere inside the operating system. This is such a huge timesaver when it comes to blog posts, emails, instant messages, and just about anything that you would normally right.

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Great OSs stick together

The overall impression I get from Mountain Lion is one of cohesion, on several fronts.

Apple is certainly bringing iOS and OS X closer together, at least superficially in terms of the user interface. Common elements like Notification Center and Share buttons are making these two very different operating systems start to feel like two sides of the same coin. That’s a good thing, although I’ll change my mind if Apple ever starts bringing the restrictions of iOS over as well. I believe this to be very unlikely, though.

iCloud syncing, both of documents and preferences, also brings greater cohesion to the process of using multiple devices, whether they are Macs or iOS or any combination of the above. As long as app support is there — which is thin right now, admittedly, but it’ll improve — then access to your data is seamless. Having bookmarks, open tabs, email accounts, and all the rest sync between Macs is much appreciated.

Mountain Lion is certainly a worthy upgrade that, whilst it doesn’t contain any life-changing upgrades over Lion, makes OS X a more productive operating system than ever before in a value-for-money package.


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