An Enterprise-class VoIP business phone system

Our VoIP phone system connects all of your employees to each other and to your clients, no matter where they are. Main office, Home offices, Satellite offices, Mobile workers and even International offices can all be accessible through a single phone number.

Reliable, Scalable And Future-Proof

VoIP phone system is as reliable, easy to use and robust as traditional business phone system – but offer many more features at a lower cost and with less headaches! When you need to add, move, or remove a phone or an employee from your phone system – or when it’s time to update your auto-attendant recording or add a new feature – you do not need to pay for a technician to visit. Simply plug in a phone at a new location and you are ready to start calling. Your VoIP phone system is totally future-proof. No matter what new features may be developed, it can handle it – it’s just a matter of integrating new software. You’ll never need to bolt-on a new box just to get music-on-hold or other new features.

Single Vendor Simplicity

Multiple vendors are required to deliver traditional business phone services (the phone system provider, the maintenance company, the long-distance service provider, the local phone lines provider, and the Internet service provider). With our VoIP phone system you deal with only one vendor for all of these services. You are not dealing with a huge, infrastructure-laden telecommunications company with hundreds of thousands of miles of copper wire, massive phone switches, and central offices to maintain. VoIP phone system services are all delivered over the Internet OR other private connection.

Guaranteed Quality Of Service

VoIP phone system is onsite.